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Sometimes many young people procrastinate toward getting a post-high school education because they fear long-term commitment to study. After all, recent high school graduates have just endured 12 years of constant education that – to many – is enough. However, in today’s modern world more employment opportunities are increasingly available to people who have obtained a post-secondary education that prepares students with focused knowledge and specialized skills. This is especially true in the world of hospitality management. There is good news. Students seeking a career in this good-paying industry can examine the possibility of a two-year course of study leading to an Associate of Business Administration: Hospitality Degree.

Who Earns Such a Degree?
Basically, students completing a two-year course of study leading to earning an Associate of Business Administration in Hospitality are prepared for entry level hospitality management careers in the tourism, travel and lodging industries. Opportunities are found at hotels and motels, casinos, resorts, private clubs, cruise ships, restaurants, specialty spas and more. Typically, professionals possessing a two-year degree enter as “assistant” managers or possibly a department head.

Course Study Produces Management Skills
Students pursuing a two-year course of study in hospitality management learn basic management business skills that concern hospitality operations in a hotel, restaurant, convention center, banquet facility, resort, and spa or cruise ship. Although the knowledge and skills acquitted through this course of study grant entry-level employment access, this is bit a first-step toward advancement into upper management ranks within the industry.

Knowledge and Skills Acquired through Study

Students enrolled in a two-year program in hospitality management will gain a general understanding of the philosophies and techniques required for effective – and profitable – running of business operations including classes such as:
• Hospitality Philosophy
• Facility Management
• Economics
• Psychology
• Customer Relations
• Employee Relations
• Food and Beverage Management
• Housekeeping
• Computer Technology

Course study, along with practical application during the entire program pursuit, helps students gain the professional skills needed such as team-building, communication, problem solving, confrontation management, business (sales and marketing as well as bookkeeping and accounting), employee supervision along with other specific skills like casino, health spa, golf club or other areas of hospitality management requiring much narrow focus.

Great Forecast
The forecast for job opportunities for students acquiring an Associate in Business Administration: Hospitality can anticipate a 36 percent increase in career demand through the coming decade. Furthermore, individuals entering the industry with an associate level education can expect to experience a 17 percent increase in salaries in the next 10 years. Additionally, many hospitality managers in this industry experience several perks of the trade including free lodging, meals, travel and more adding to the value received through employment gained by obtaining an Associate in Business Administration: Hospitality.

Program Study Online
Many of those burned-out on education teenagers who really do not look forward to more time at school may be happy to learn that an Associate Degree in Business Administration: Hospitality Management can pursue a course of study online. Make sure the schools you examine have proper accreditation from authorizing bodies such as the International Association for Management Education (AACSB). Here are some of those ac credited schools:

Associate of Arts in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism
at the University of Phoenix – The Associate of Arts in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism degree program (AA Hospitality, Travel and Tourism) provides content and practical application in an array of foodservice, lodging management and tourism settings.

Associate of Arts in Hospitality
at American Public University – The Associate of Arts in Hospitality provides students a general basis in fundamental restaurant operations. Students are exposed to several facets of this challenging career including purchasing and storage, food service sanitation, food preparation, legal aspects and insurance, and marketing and sales.

Associate of Science in Beverage Management
at Sullivan University – In as little as eighteen months, Sullivan University can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to launch a successful career in the beverage industry! This is a continuously growing field that offers a variety of career opportunities. The Associate of Science in Beverage Management program will provide you with a solid foundation of basic business skills, beverage knowledge, as well as other skills that are valuable in the beverage management industry.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Hotel and Restaurant Management
at Stratford University – The mission of the Stratford University AAS Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management is to provide students with a foundation in hotel and event management skills to prepare you for career advancement. Students who successfully complete specific courses in this program receive certificates from the American Hotel & Motel Association (AHMA) and may qualify to be a Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS). This program includes core requirements, elective requirements, and general education requirements.

Associate of Science in Business Administration – Hospitality Management
at South University – The Associate of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality Management is designed to prepare students for entry-level and first-tier management employment within the hospitality industry. The focus of the program is to develop a specific understanding of the industry, while developing critical skills specifically oriented towards hospitality.

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  1. thanks for what you all doing please keep us updated about hospitality industries I’m the student at Durban university of technology doing my 2nd year in national diploma in hospitality management and m so inspired after reading you essay.