Getting Fit for a Management Career

Everyone in the usual 9-5 workaday life has focus on the weekend. This is accompanied by that awful dreaded feeling facing another work week when the alarm so annoyingly sounds Monday morning. Ugh! Do you really have to drag yourself off to another week where work is non-rewarding and outright deplorable? How about a career change to something that gets your heart racing and excites you with easy motivation where you can’t wait to get started every day?

Time is Now

Today, right now, this very moment is an excellent pint in your life to consider a new career change to a fitness or spa center manager at a major hotel or resort chain. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a need for fitness and spa management needs to rise 44 percent in the coming decade. More people have turned to holistic methods for staying healthy beyond depending on medication and doctors. Staying fit has become a daily routine for a lot of people that doesn’t stop when away from home. However, the choices for the health-conscious traveler have, in the past, been limited. Plus, many companies and organizations make the availability of work-out centers as criteria when booking venues for conventions. This has created a need for many large hotel and resort chains to develop facilities catering to providing an arena where guests can enjoy the same amenities afforded to them at home – at their local gym.

Specialized Training Needed

Since this is highly specialized services delivered to a hotel or resort guest, specific skills will be necessary to be an efficient and successful manager. There are also a number of questions you need to ask in a self-assessment to determine if making a career switch to a hotel or spa fitness center manager is the correct one for you. Besides the needed physical fitness trainer skills necessary to have knowledge and experience in this field, you’ll need to acquire business management skills as well. When creating a self-assessment ask:

• Will I enjoy helping guests maintain their daily fitness goals?
• Am I a capable time manager that can schedule and manage the day productively?
• Am I an organized individual capable for overseeing operations juggling duties from clients’ needs to equipment and facility maintenance?
• Am I a detailed-oriented person constantly capable identifying areas of concern with effective corrective action plans at the ready?
• Am I willing to go beyond being a physical trainer and acquire management skills to succeed?

Discover Education Opportunities
If you are already a trained and experienced physical fitness trainer with the necessary credentials and certifications, perhaps taking your career to a management level is the natural progression. If you long for a bit of excitement and change, pursuing a hospitality management degree specializing in fitness and spa management may be an excellent choice for you to make. It is highly recommended before you make this decision to arrange to interview a fitness or spa center manager to get a firsthand view of what their life is like. This way you’ll get a better understanding if your personality and level of fitness expertise are a good foundation necessary to pursue an education leading to a management career.

Finally, contact the major hotel and resort chains to gain information about hiring requirements when these companies look for qualified fitness and spa mangers.

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