Take Off With Your Hospitality Management Degree

A person interested in a career in hospitality management with a desire to travel should consider the airline industry.

Why Consider A Job In The Airline Industry?
There are several reasons an individual with a degree in hospitality management should consider a job with an airline. First, airlines offer great benefits. In addition to the standard benefits like insurances and retirement, airlines typically offer travel benefits to their employees. These travel benefits can include free airfare anywhere the airline flies. While there might be the catch of “space available,” the savvy traveling airline employee can navigate the schedule and look for the flights with the most open seats to avoid being bumped to the next one. Free or discounted travel is a benefit worth thousands of dollars. With the cost of airline travel going up due to increasing fuel cost, the savings for vacation or just a weekend get-a-away can quickly add up. Secondly, airlines are financially stable again. Although the airline industry did suffer after 911, they are thriving once more. During the past several years, several airlines have even purchased others and merged their operations to become some of the largest in the world. Thirdly, some employees have the ability to air commute to work. Flight attendants for example can live in almost any city the airline flies while being based out of another city. Prior to a being on duty, the employee catches a flight to the work city. After completing the rotation, the worker takes another flight home. This a great benefit to some individuals allowing family life to remain stable while enjoying a great career at the same time.

What Positions At An Airline Would Be Available To A Person With A Degree In Hospitality Management?
The career opportunities are almost limitless at an airline for a graduate with a hospitality management degree. Flight attendants are some of the most recognizable employees at an airline. Good flight attendants are always in high demand as airlines are looking for warm, friendly people to serve their customers in flight. A potential flight attendant who speaks a second language is a plus for airlines serving international destinations. While flight attendants might be the first position at an airline that comes to mind, it is definitely not the only possible position for someone with a hospitality management degree. Airlines also need individuals who know how to serve the customer at the ticket counter and the gate. This is especially true when flights have been delayed or canceled and the traveler has to be re-routed. Larger full-service airlines have special lounges in many of their hub cities that service the frequent flier and allow them to relax in a more comfortable setting pre-flight or during layovers. These lounges are staffed with individuals who create welcoming and relaxing atmosphere just steps from the busy and often hectic terminal. Many airlines also hire culinary experts who work to create the meals enjoyed in-flight. All of these positions need qualified supervisors and managers who work to make sure the whole operation runs smoothly.

Where Are Jobs In The Airline Industry Located?
Jobs at an airline are limited to places where airlines fly. These tend to be the locations where people travel for work and vacation. Employees often have the ability to transfer to another location should a position there be available. Upper management positions are located in the city where an airline’s general offices are located. Potential candidates for these positions who do not live in that particular city would most likely be required to relocate. In the United States, these cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Denver. Most airline industry jobs are located in the cities where the airlines have their hub terminals. These cities act like spokes in a wheel. Flights often leave from the larger cities taking passengers to their destination. The plane will often turn around and fly back to the hub city allowing other passengers to connect to other flights. A smaller number of jobs can be found in the termination cities. These are the locations where flights arrive and then immediately depart back to the hub city.

An airline might not be the first idea that comes to mind for a graduate with a hospitality management degree. However, they are great places to work and offer some great benefits.

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  1. Hello! I have Diploma of Social Service and Tourism from Moscow and BS in Hospitality Management from NY College.What do you recommend to do with my job?
    Thank you

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    I am wondering that if i study masters of Hospitality at an institute like le Roches or Cornell, then what do i have to look forward to?
    And if i am travelling to some country and relocating there, then can i get my family there?

    and what about people who have kids?


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    Please advise what I can do.