Hit the Road with a Hospitality Management Degree

People who dream of being able to travel for a living or work in a tourist destination should consider a hospitality and tourism university degree program to earn a dream job. Jobs for graduates of hospitality and tourism management programs from universities find an excellent employment outlook with high paying position. Doors often open wide in this industry when a person possesses a university degree. Due to the immense range of employment locations, types and levels in organizations, positions are plentiful in the tourism and hospitality field. Choosing the correct education is important to find a career in travel, tourism or hospitality.

What Makes an Excellent Hospitality and Tourism University Degree Program?

There are basics to consider when choosing a hospitality and tourism degree program. First, the university should be recognized and accredited. This allows graduates to hit the job market with the credibility of the university behind them. Additionally, students searching for hospitality and tourism management degree programs should look at the course levels and options. A university degree takes longer, up to four years, however, the job prospects in the management ranks at tourism and hospitality employers increases substantially with more postsecondary education.

What Tourism, Hospitality Careers Result from Degrees?
Three broad types of positions are found in the hospitality and tourism field: supervisory or management positions, independent entrepreneurs who start up businesses in tourism and hospitality and front-line jobs where people work directly with customers. In each of these types of positions, people often find the jobs demand travel for a living. Some example of specific employment opportunities and types of employers for hospitality and tourism management graduates include:
• Private tour companies that operate recreational and tourism enterprises such as retail outlets, spas, fitness facilities and tourism attractions
• Marketing, advertising and providing guided tours at tourism destinations, resorts or hotels
• Nature or eco-based green jobs for recreation areas and parks offering camping and wilderness adventure tourism
• Special events such as festivals and workshops and other tourism services at holiday destination hotels, resorts, theme parks, convention spaces and attractions
• Planning and operating non-profit services for agencies that offers health, leisure and sport programs
• Jobs in food service and accommodation locations such as universities, colleges, hospitals, large resort operations, convention centers and airlines

Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Opportunities Plentiful
As a top holiday destination in the United States, it is no surprise that one of the country’s leading tourism and hospitality management university degree programs is found in Florida. Florida International University‘s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is one of the highest rated hospitality and tourism programs in the U.S. with an annual enrolment of 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students. The university offers a range of tourism and hospitality management degree options that reflect the scope of opportunities in the job market. It has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Master of Science in Hospitality Management and Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree programs, as well as certificate programs in various hotel, restaurant, hospitality, travel and tourism specializations.
People excited about the possibility to travel for a living and work in a variety of hospitality and tourism locations should consider a degree in this field. These types of dreams jobs are found around the world and close to home.

And, they are typically located in fun places where your employment places you in an entertaining environment.

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