Take Off With Your Hospitality Management Degree

A person interested in a career in hospitality management with a desire to travel should consider the airline industry. Why Consider A Job In The Airline Industry? There are several reasons an individual with a degree in hospitality management should consider a job with an airline. First, airlines offer great benefits. In addition to the […]

Hospitality Management 101

For people interested in entering a career in hospitality management, the opportunities are limitless.  Just because there are endless possibilities doesn’t make hospitality management the right career choice for everyone.  So how does someone know if hospitality management is the right career path?  Here are some answers to some of the basic questions regarding hospitality […]

Hit the Road with a Hospitality Management Degree

People who dream of being able to travel for a living or work in a tourist destination should consider a hospitality and tourism university degree program to earn a dream job. Jobs for graduates of hospitality and tourism management programs from universities find an excellent employment outlook with high paying position. Doors often open wide […]

Getting Snowed with a Ski Resort Management Degree

Winter resort management requires an understanding of ski area operations. Obtaining this type of knowledge is best compels students to choose schools within close proximity to ski areas. Here, valuable hands-on training is available. Also, many entry-level management ski resorts positions are routinely filled by professionals holding general lodging and hospitality degrees. Graduates with the […]

Now That You Have a Hospitality Management Degree, What’s Next?

If you’re thinking about majoring in hospitality management you’re probably wondering, “Where do hospitality management graduates work?” The fact is that there are many different careers in the hospitality management field; many of them you probably have never thought of before. The hospitality industry includes everything from movie theatres and museums tours to restaurants and […]

Opportunities Abound with an Online Hospitality Manager Degree

If you would like to work in the hospitality industry and the prospect excites you running a hotel, then consider earning a hospitality management degree. The increase of affordable international travel has been an important impetus boosting the hotel management industry. The job opportunities in tourism and hotel management are projected to experience a 17 […]

Don’t Shy Away from Constructive Criticism

Are you that hospitality manager always seeking ways to solicit feedback while constantly keeping open arms welcoming constructive criticism from customers, associates and possibly close family members? Sure, sometimes receiving feedback is a definite blow to the ego and a downright unpleasant experience. Although you request such feedback, often you might interpret it as an […]

The Frontline Controls the Bottom Line

Everyone has heard the age-old adage that the bottom line of any business is directly related to its frontline – the company’s employees. Actually, when it comes to a customer’s perspective of a hospitality company, the employees are the business. How often do customers come in contact with organizations’s executives? Therefore, frontline employees are definitely […]

Thinking About Changing Your Job to Hospitality Management?

There can be multiple reasons a person wants to think about changing a job including: I’ve gained all the experience possible in my current job The company culture in my current employment doesn’t suit my way of working I want to broaden my experience I’m unhappy with the work I’m doing There are no promotion […]

So, What Do You Cater To In Your Job?

Catering managers run different kinds of food preparation and serving businesses. They work in a variety of diverse settings including on-site catering (parties, weddings, corporate events), restaurants, cafes, specialty food establishments (pizza, Oriental, bakery, etc.) and fast-food outlets. They may manage one location, but very experienced professionals who work for catering companies or large food […]

Who is In Charge of Cleaning up the Mess?

Domestic services managers make sure that large residences such as hospitals, universities and colleges, residential homes, schools and hotels are clean and well maintained. The title of the job varies depending on where it takes place. They are known as housekeepers in the hotel industry and domestic bursars in university halls of residence. The duties […]

Follow These Tips for Successful Management Failure

The profit margins in the hospitality industry remain quite low so every manager needs every edge he or she can muster to stay ahead of the competition. As a manager, you probably get helpful newsletters and magazines describing ways to spot “bad” employees. However, do you know the warning signs that will provide you indications […]

Sometimes It’s the Amenities Making a Difference

There are a ton of little pieces of knowledge and insight students of hospitality management have to learn before they can successfully execute real-world employment duties. However, the plain and unadulterated goal for all of the hospitality industry is to give guests what they want. Finding out just what it is that visitors to your […]

Economy Lodging in Continuous Transition

The inception of the economy segment in the lodging industry was predicated on the premise that users looking for just the basics could be serviced through facilities that were fairly Spartan. However, throughout the years the actual definition for “sticking to the basics” has changed dramatically. There are typically two schools of thought when it […]

Time Management is Critical for Successful Hospitality Manager

One of the most valuable assets for any hotel operation is its general managers in how they spend their time. Schedules and structure are important aspects in every typical business day. There are certain circumstances that differ from hotel to hotel due to the size, type and level of service, the number of different departments […]

How to Be a Lead Wolf Hospitality Manager

When it comes right down to it, managers or typically seen as being the focal point for motivation and direction in their operations. However, there are varying degrees of success when it comes to leadership style specifically in the areas of performance that impact employees. There are many styles of leadership that has a professional […]

Hospitality Managers Swim in Schools

Anyone interested in a career managing a resort, restaurant, hotel, club or casino needs a great hospitality management education. While there are many advancement opportunities available for people getting promoted through the ranks, you can take a smarter shortcut through getting a degree in hospitality management. This would be a wiser career move even for […]

Job Opportunities Increasing for Hotel Management

Despite recent hard economic times, consumers worldwide are returning to international travel and vacationing in part to the strong industry marketing efforts that have made it more affordable. This increase in consumer confidence is producing an explosive need for more qualified professionals possessing a hospitality management degree. In fact, job opportunities in the tourism industry […]

Betting on a Great Career Choice

The world’s love affair with financial risk taking has exploded into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry that was once safely tucked away in selected destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, European locales and tropical settings throughout the world. Now, gaming resorts have popped up in non-exotic locations such as Tunica, Miss., one of the […]

What is a Casino Manager?

The movie-produced image of a wise-guy like casino operator with one hand on a gun and the other in his guest’s pocket has long ago been replaced by the polished, educated business demeanor of a gaming professional. Strong-arm tactics have given way to professional management techniques where highly-trained individuals supervise the gaming operations in casino […]

Resort Management Opportunities Continue to Rise

Tourism is definitely on the rebound after the recent worldwide economic downturn. This is an $800 billion industry in the United States alone. Throughout the world it makes up 12 percent of the gross domestic product, employing approximately 10 percent of the entire planet’s labor force. By the year 2020, one- half the people employed […]

Your Hospitality Career Could Bring You to the Last Resort

The very word “resort” conjures up images of pampered relaxation away from home at luxurious accommodations where a vacationers’ every need is met. These needs include food, drink, lodging, recreation, entertainment and even shopping. Additionally, resorts offer personal needs catering for such things as hair and beauty salons, clothes dry cleaning, medical and more. These […]

Here’s a Tasty Education in Hospitality Management

The mere uttering of the word, “Hospitality,” always conjures up images of sumptuous food consumed in an attractive and comfortable setting. These settings are managed by professionals who have successfully pursued and acquired the knowledge and skills taught through a Bachelor’s level Hospitality Management Food and Beverage program. Students enrolled in such programs study the […]