Economy Lodging in Continuous Transition

The inception of the economy segment in the lodging industry was predicated on the premise that users looking for just the basics could be serviced through facilities that were fairly Spartan. However, throughout the years the actual definition for “sticking to the basics” has changed dramatically. There are typically two schools of thought when it […]

Time Management is Critical for Successful Hospitality Manager

One of the most valuable assets for any hotel operation is its general managers in how they spend their time. Schedules and structure are important aspects in every typical business day. There are certain circumstances that differ from hotel to hotel due to the size, type and level of service, the number of different departments […]

How to Be a Lead Wolf Hospitality Manager

When it comes right down to it, managers or typically seen as being the focal point for motivation and direction in their operations. However, there are varying degrees of success when it comes to leadership style specifically in the areas of performance that impact employees. There are many styles of leadership that has a professional […]