What Kind of Person Chooses a Hospitality Management Career?

First of all, you better make sure you are a people person. If you do not like the species human, in whatever manner it happens to take form at the moment of your interaction, then consider a different career. Because, if you’re considering managing a resort, hotel, spa, restaurant, club or casino, you’re going to have to deal with a variety of different people interacting in a variety of different ways. You will need to be as adept a customer-oriented individual as possible while also being employee-centric as well when it comes to successful staff supervision.

Education Course Structure Varies

There is variety of different educations available for people seeking careers in hospitality management where students can earn professional diplomas like an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, plus even advanced degrees on both the master and doctorate levels. There exist many short-term, specifically subject focused certificate courses that will qualify individuals for a particular job function in hospitality management such as becoming a reservations manager or restaurant manager. There are just as many different subject courses within the framework of a hospitality management education that includes hotel and motel management, security management, travel and tourism, sales and marketing, food and the beverage management, customer service, event planning, purchasing, financial management including bookkeeping and accounting, hospitality IT management, office administration, entertainment management plus much more.

Hospitality Management Professionals Need Crucial Skills

Dealing with both employees and the general public demands from an individual skill sets that are highly honed that include everything from possessing strong communication and organization skills to highly coveted skills such as confrontation management or possessing technological skills that go a long way toward keeping the business current with many computer-based operations that are becoming a necessity managing the affairs in today’s world of high paced hospitality management. There are many levels of cost accounting management within the industry that could be as simple as an assistant manager in a facility department to the Director of Hospitality Operations for a major international corporation.

Salary Good, Needs Growing

Compensation for professional hospitality managers varies depending upon length of service as well as management level. A professional graduating with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management may select an assistant general manager’s position on hotel earning somewhere to start around $35,000 per year. A typical general manager of the hotel can earn $60-$80,000 per year. An executive chef in a hotel can earn nearly $80,000 per year. There are needs growing all the time with the expansion of such industries as cruising and specialized health resorts (spas) where particular training and experience comes into play.

Online Learning can be Quite Convenient
Students seeking to pursue a degree in hospitality management do not have to attend traditional institutions of education. There are many accredited online hospitality management courses that can prepare a person for management positions in a number of different hospitality settings such as luxury resorts, golf resorts, themed resorts and many other specialty types of institutions catering to adventure vacations and more. An education in hospitality management with an emphasis on conducting fungicide activities can lead to a career as a cruise ship entertainment director. Since the universe of hospitality management is quite vast, opportunities exist in almost every facet while the need continues to grow as the industry does in the coming decade. Some courses are sure to six months while professional degree programs can be to have for years. The are many corporations looking to hire hospitality managers that can put their skills to great use knowing how to build customer traffic, operate efficient and profitable food and beverage services as well as manage facility operations making sure that guests and visitors are always satisfied whenever they choose to stay with you.

As a student of hospitality management you’ll develop skills for marketing, occupancy forecasting, front desk operations including reservations, organizational skills, security operations, room service, restaurant and bar management, housekeeping, staff development, meeting planning, banquet planning, purchasing, accounting and many other schools that will make you a viable commodity in the employment market throughout the hospitality management world.

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  1. Another trait that is a must for a manager in the hospitality sphere is the ability to communicate across cultures. Well, it seems like the term “people person” embraces this ability but nevertheless it’s worth mentioning separately. As a manager at a respectable hospitality establishment you’ll meet people from various countries and sometimes a culture shock is simply inevitable. Thus, it’s crucially important to learn some features of specific cultures in advance. An experience of living or studying abroad is a huge plus here. Luckily for me, I had such an opportunity when I studied at Les Roches Chicago (
    http://chicago.lesroches.edu/). I took a semester abroad at another Les Roches campus in Shanghai. It was a life-changing experience, and now at my workplace I deal with many things that I first encountered during that time.


  3. I am so interested in dis course n wish 2 persue up 2 a degree level, da thing i’ll be studying hospitality management here in zambia n its a local program, my question is, is it possible 2 further my diploma abroad? Plz, coz i want 2 study my degree outside da country. Thank you

    1. Vanessa Phiri: It is important that you use proper English in all manners of communication. You can get yourself into a bad habit of using shortcuts, especially when typing your communication, that comes across as not educated or not educated well. It is mutually beneficial for you to be clear and concise in your communication. Using ‘2’ instead of ‘to’ and ‘coz’ instead of ‘because’ and ‘da’ instead of ‘the’ shows laziness and not someone I want to be a manager of my hotel and not someone I want to represent my hotel to customers. It does not matter what country you are in or from. Just some helpful tips to assist you in carving out a better career for yourself. Good Luck.

  4. Pls people have been discouraging me abt dis course,is not well recognized in Nigeria,pls advice me.

  5. Respected sir or madam , I have completed my b.com. now i want to go for hospaitality management .plz tell me that now what should I do?

  6. Hi i am 37 years old and was working in the HRD. And am wondering if I can change my career to hospitality.
    I just secured my admission in ceasar ritz switzerland and also le roches. So please lemme know how best to go about it.

    Does a master’s degree make any huge difference in the position i will be looking for?


  8. respected sir,
    my self amit choudhary from india . now i am persuing BCA. I want to do MBA in hospitality management plz suggest me which collage is best for me.
    thank u

  9. thanks you so much for everything .Please can you give me guide line about hospitality management course learning by distance .Because i am from myanmar(BURMESE) ,i can not study in directly by face to face.

    your lovely