10 Steps Toward Becoming a Lousy Hospitality Manager

You’ve probably spent a lot of time, money and energy obtaining a hospitality management degree. However, you definitely do not want to be regarded as one of the best managers in the industry so you’ll need to follow some kind of program in order to make sure that you’re a lousy one. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re managing a restaurant, casino, hotel or possibly a banquet hall, through following these tips you can assure yourself that you’ll be the worst in your profession.

Do Not Create An Annual Plan
Never create an annual plan that calls for major attention paid to maintenance and other considerations during any particular nonpeak hours or off-season time. This is particularly true if you are running an establishment that operates on a seasonal schedule. Never let operations concerns such as planning for equipment overall, landscaping or other facilities management needs invade your nonpeak or off-season time where you can just be sitting around taking it easy. If you were to attend to these major considerations during the season time no one would ever get the opportunity to watch her management skills when you come under pressure under fire for crisis management when a fire suppression system fails to work the weekend when those 500 salesmen are coming for convention.

Never Call For a ‘Friendly’ Inspection
Make you never proactive enough to contact your local fire health department asking for a friendly inspection. This would be uncalled for because any identification of problems would create a situation in which he would be obliged to get them fixed following the suggestions of the rational is that you invited to give an opinion about your health and safety standards. Better make sure that your insurance company doesn’t care about this proactively if you do implement it because they might have to give you a discount do this uncalled for activity. This can create less amount of work for you when it comes time for you to show off that you can manage the facility in the event the fire extinguishers do not work.

Never Get Your Hands “Dirty”
One of the great characteristics for a lousy hospitality manager is never spending any time working side-by-side with the troops that were supervising. If he did so, you will likely improve communication between you and the employees will receive which would open up lines of dialogue that you have to invest time in two both in part knowledge as well as receive input. This kind of effective communication is going to take a lot out of you, so you’re better off hiding in your office and letting the floor itself. This way, the staff will never be bothered by any chance for you to interact with boosting their morale.

Forget A Planning Calendar
Never take the opportunity to consult with creative planning calendar in order to prepare yourself for any type of large event like New Year’s Eve. There’s absolutely no need to consider anything special or attractive that would please your holiday visitors because we obviously are going to agree to work all possibly leading to becoming successful. If you were to plan and stage an innovative and creative event for any kind of holiday gathering became successful, this would more than likely lead to greater degree of visitors on the next holiday which obviously needs more work for you. Keep in mind that if you do not plan to give over-the-top customer service on any type of holiday gathering, the next holiday will take care of itself because nobody will show up which will make life a lot easier.

What’s the Competition Doing?
Again, this is when those areas that you need to completely ignore. If you were to examine your competition to consider doing something that they don’t do or doing something that they didn’t buy your facility doing better you would again create a great deal of more work for yourself as well as more than likely create a greater amount of traffic into your business. This cannot be tolerated. In fact, by ignoring your competition, you can buy driving whatever customers you do have in through their doors.

Make Sure Everybody Reports to You
You know all your employees suck! Therefore, never give any of them the slightest bit of responsibility for the ability to think for themselves. Although it can be more work for you, make sure you check on every single one of their moves, because you know they lack the skills to get the job done without you constantly being on their back. They need to become comfortable with you barking out orders and how to get things done instead of trying to figure it out for themselves because they might obtain some kind of feeling of self-worth. You can’t have that happening.

Let the Business Run On its Own
Hey, how hard can this business really be, huh? After all – it’s only cooking and serving or providing a place for people to sleep. It should operate without a lot of interference, right. Go ahead, stay in the office. After all, if you were out an about on top of things, you would have to deal with all your guest complaints and all your employees whining. What fun is that?

Keep Ideas to Yourself
You need to make sure to sit on your hands. Never offer your opinion about how to do something differently. After all, why would you possibly want to get creative about this business? If you were to find new and innovative ways of conducting the business, your bosses would expect that from you all the time. You know what happens to facilities that are known for their innovative ways? They become popular attracting a lot of guests and customers, which in turn makes the company more profits and, the next thing you know, they want to give you a raise or promotion to a new level of responsibility. Forget about that.

Stay Away from Technology

Whatever you do, never they’ll yourself of the wonderful results that can be had through the use of today’s modern computer technology. Computers make it seem easy for you to manage things such as scheduling and communications. Plus, if you are up to date on all the different things you can do with the computer, you may be forced to implement in-house marketing programs that use computer generated flyers or put on a periodic newsletter that informs both present of potential on the guests about different aspects of your facility that may be of interest to them.

Lose the Internet
Make sure that you don’t offer any kind of Internet services such as the ability to order pizza online to be delivered or possibly offering guests the ability to get helpful directions or even make reservations online. Isn’t the act of providing wireless Web access throughout your facility going to make it a popular place to visit and thus increase customer traffic causing you more work? Keep in mind that if you had wireless Web access you might attract a lot of business travelers who are in the habit of bringing their laptops trying to keep in constant communication with their own office or clients. You definitely do not want this type of riff-rat clientele in your establishment, do you?

Furthermore, stay away from building or having created your own website to market services. They are way too cheap to maintain and that low, one-time set-up must indicate to you that it couldn’t possibly do the same job all that overpriced newspaper ads can do – even though the Internet reaches millions of people everywhere.

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