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The world’s love affair with financial risk taking has exploded into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry that was once safely tucked away in selected destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, European locales and tropical settings throughout the world. Now, gaming resorts have popped up in non-exotic locations such as Tunica, Miss., one of the poorest counties in America, where millions flock to take a turn at a roll of the dice.

No Formal Education Required

The industry does not really require any formal education to become a casino manager. However, this is rapidly changing as gaming centers become more popular vacation destinations. Even places once known as “Sin City,” Las Vegas, Nevada, have undergone incredible transformations in an attempt to appeal to more vacationers and not simply catering to gamblers. This has led to gaming centers becoming all-inclusive resorts offering amenities far beyond the poker table. Many of the traditional gaming hotels that line the Las Vegas strip have turned into family-fun destinations with activities geared toward all family members while still offering adult access to the gaming tables. Although all employees at gaming establishments are required to obtain a state license before seeking employment at a casino, up until recently there was little, if any, off-site degree granting education programs preparing individuals for a career as a casino manager.

Gambling on Your Education
Today, many institutions of higher learning offer a course study leading to an Associate of Science Degree in Casino Management. This is a two-year, full-time course of study that specifically trains individuals to oversee casino operations as well as take upon the chores for training other gaming workers working under their supervision. However, since casino management is fairly task specific, obtaining this degree does not necessarily qualify an individual for immediate management employment. What typically occurs is that graduates with an A.S. in Casino Management work for a period of time in different casino employment capacities learning on-the-job skills that, once acquired, become inventory adding to their abilities to manage others. However, the course of study in Casino Management does teach skills pertinent to the duties required by any casino manager including customer relations, business management, public relations, human resources, sales and marketing. Many individuals enrolled in a two-year program of study also gain the opportunity to enter into an internship providing a great deal of hands-on experience while possibly opening the doors to potential employers for a job after graduation.

What to Learn
The minimum educational requirement for entering into an associate-level degree program is to have obtained a high school diploma. Usually, individuals who have obtained a GED certificate are also qualified to enter into an associate-level degree program as well. There are some institutions that also require either SAT or ACT test scores. Once enrolled in an A.S. Casino Management program, students will pursue a course study that may include:

• Gaming fundamentals
• Communications
• Business management skills including counting
• Understanding casino game play, rules and regulations
• Security and Surveillance
• Housekeeping
• Food and beverage Operations
• Organization and planning
• Employee training and supervision

What Opportunity Exists for Gaming Managers?

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that there is going to be a 23 percent increase in the rise of gaming service workers, including professionals needed to manage these people. This is quite a faster growth in this particular employment segment than in any other average occupation in the country. This is due to the expansion of legalized gambling well beyond its traditional places in New Jersey and Nevada, although these locations still offer the greatest opportunity for casino management careers. In 2008, the average salary for a casino manager was reported at $68,290.

Gaming Managers Need to be Licensed
Although the requirements for both casino managers and gaming workers will vary from state to state, typically individuals will need to pass both a drug test and a criminal background check. There may be a minimum residency requirement for casino managers and individual corporations conducting gaming operations may also have additional set of different requirements.

Check out the exciting possibilities in casino management where you know the growth potential will place you in a winning situation.

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