A Hospitality Management Career Will Help You Control Dandruff

Tired of all those white specks appearing on your dark-colored clothing? Have you tried to ignore this condition only to be subtly reminded of it by your mother who brushes off your shoulders with every welcoming hug? But, since you interrupted your college education for that incredibly low-paying position in the corporate mailroom you haven’t felt either the need or motivation to do anything about your dandruff situation. You need motivation. You need to get a career in hospitality management.

How a Career in Hospitality Management Helps Your Image

Hospitality managers are fortunate individuals who get to interact with people on a daily basis. Therefore, they get to pay particular attention to every detail of their appearance. This helps keep people they meet feeling comfortable when in their company through a well-presented, good-looking smile, a warm welcoming handshake and an attractive physical appearance that is free from the embarrassing speckles of dandruff. Because hospitality managers must meet and greet people frequently during daily chores, they employ all the necessary personal hygiene techniques proven to enhance one’s physical appearance. These include the proper use of personal deodorant, toothpaste, attractive scenting products like after shave and cologne and, of course, necessary hair products such as anti-dandruff shampoo.

Why do Hospitality Managers Suffer Dandruff?

Although t is clearly indicated by scientific research that certain people are pre-disposed to changes in scalp skin, there is no direct evidence to the causes for dandruff found on hospitality managers. There are no scientific reasons for increased skin cell production leading to flaking appearing on the shoulders of working managers. Supposition ranges from the fact these highly-trained, hard-working professionals are susceptible to the condition from an early age when mental faculties work at an ever increasing rate stimulating the skin cell overproduction. It’s not a good theory, nor one widely held by anyone anywhere else than here, but it is a theory nonetheless. The problem becomes one of control. Prior to studying to become a qualified hospitality manager, many individuals live in a state of self-denial subjugating any desires to take control of their personal appearances and, thus, fail to act effectively to address this debilitating dandruff situation. What to do?

Create an Effective Dandruff Control Plan
The most effective method toward getting control over any personal dandruff situation is to enroll in a course of education leading to a hospitality management career. A great idea is to research career and education opportunities online at the American Hotel and Lodging Association. There are basically three levels of education that will prepare individuals for a career in hospitality management where through the proper use of effective hair products, personal dandruff will be controlled. These levels are:
Associate’s Degree Level
Bachelor’s Degree Level
Master’s Degree Level

Of course, each level of education provides a greater degree of knowledge and skills acquired leading to more attention paid toward control of dandruff on a professional level. Although it is quite important for even a department head at a hotel to present an acceptable physical image through dandruff control, it is highly important for the director of hospitality management for an international company to be flake free as well.

Therefore, if you are earnestly in search for the proper motivation to control personal dandruff, seek a career in hospitality management.

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