Job Opportunities Increasing for Hotel Management

Despite recent hard economic times, consumers worldwide are returning to international travel and vacationing in part to the strong industry marketing efforts that have made it more affordable. This increase in consumer confidence is producing an explosive need for more qualified professionals possessing a hospitality management degree. In fact, job opportunities in the tourism industry for hotel management alone are predicted to increase by 17 percent through the coming decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. No is the time to go to school to capitalize on this ongoing

Convenient Study Offered Online
The Internet has created a more efficient source for distance learning than has ever existed before. All prestigious universities offering hospitality management degrees have developed online study programs making it quite easy for people to choose this as their method for obtaining the skills needed for a successful career. This feature is especially important for many people who need to maintain their present employment but have a yearning desire to better their career opportunities in the hospitality management industry.

What Areas of Study Are Available Online

There are an incredible amount of diversified management career opportunities within the travel and hospitality management industry. These can include hotel and resort management, hotel security, business and finance management, food and beverage management, plus many specialized areas (usually found at large operations) where specific skills are needed. It is important to note that many online hospitality degree programs are quite focused and will vary from one school to another, One school may specialize offering course focused on resort management while another may be specifically designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a qualified food and beverage services director. You should decide what area of interest you would like to pursue before making a search for what online hospitality management program in which to enroll. Also, decide on what depth of education you wish to obtain. There are hospitality management programs that offer a certificate and then ones that lead to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.

Learn at Your Own Pace
Learning online is incredibly convenient – especially in this world where laptop computers are becoming as commonplace as cell phones now are. You can take you “school” with you wherever you go when gaining Internet access at cafes, libraries, hotels and other places where the public has access. The degree program you choose online can also be conveniently open with no work deadlines allowing students to complete assignments at their own pace. This is important for working individuals and may well suit people already employed in the industry looking to advance their career path.

Go Get That Job
As stated previously, there are a great many different types of jobs available in the industry including:

  • Hotel/Resort General Manager
  • Hotel/Resort Assistant Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Convention/Event Planning
  • Front Office Business Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Director
  • Physical Facilities Supervisor
  • Reservations Supervisor
  • Entertainment Activities Supervisor

And much more since the larger the institution, the more management opportunities present themselves in a greater focused need, for example, Spa Manager for institutions offering services like health and beauty facilities.

Go for the Bucks
According to data collected from, a professional with an associate’s degree who has a minimum amount of industry experience can expect an average annual salary around $40,000. An individual with an associate’s degree can start a career as an assistant manager and, with additional experience and education, can one day pull down a six-figure income.

Online hospitality management courses have become popular since the travel and hospitality industries continue unprecedented growth. These opportunities will continue to be quite “hot” in the near future. Taking advantage of these opportunities by selecting an online course for study can lead to a highly financial and personally rewarding career.

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