A Hospitality Management Career Will Help You Control Dandruff

Tired of all those white specks appearing on your dark-colored clothing? Have you tried to ignore this condition only to be subtly reminded of it by your mother who brushes off your shoulders with every welcoming hug? But, since you interrupted your college education for that incredibly low-paying position in the corporate mailroom you haven’t […]

Obtain an Associate’s Level Hospitality Management Education

Sometimes many young people procrastinate toward getting a post-high school education because they fear long-term commitment to study. After all, recent high school graduates have just endured 12 years of constant education that – to many – is enough. However, in today’s modern world more employment opportunities are increasingly available to people who have obtained […]

Hospitality Management Education Creates ‘Jacks of All Trades’

According to a recent First Research, Hotel and Motel – Lodging Report, the U.S. hospitality industry includes about 30,000 companies that operate 50,000 individual locations, with combined annual revenue over $90 billion. And…it’s growing. One area of rapid growth is small lodging facilities that are either independently owned (Indies) or are owned and operated by […]

What Kind of Person Chooses a Hospitality Management Career?

First of all, you better make sure you are a people person. If you do not like the species human, in whatever manner it happens to take form at the moment of your interaction, then consider a different career. Because, if you’re considering managing a resort, hotel, spa, restaurant, club or casino, you’re going to […]

Hotels Seek Hospitality Managers with Specific Skills

Traveling away from home presents the challenge of finding a comfortable place to stay where you can get a good meal, nice room at a facility operated by a friendly and helpful staff that makes it an enjoyable experience for business travelers as well as vacationing families. There are many services available at popular hotels […]

Run the Entire Show at the Hotel

Ambitious, always looking-to-the-future professionals can do well obtaining a hospitality management degree in order to run the entire show at large and small hotels – as well as other guest-oriented lodging and entertainment facilities such as resorts and health spas. There are many aspects involved in the details concerning management of certain facilities that depend […]

10 Steps Toward Becoming a Lousy Hospitality Manager

You’ve probably spent a lot of time, money and energy obtaining a hospitality management degree. However, you definitely do not want to be regarded as one of the best managers in the industry so you’ll need to follow some kind of program in order to make sure that you’re a lousy one. It doesn’t make […]

Where to Go With a Hospitality Management Degree

If you happen to be one those people-on- people persons, possibly one who likes to travel, and obviously one who gets a great degree of self satisfaction from helping others, pursuing a career in hospitality management may be an excellent choice. Hospitality management encompasses such a wide and pervasive arena of opportunities including the travel, […]

Choose a Career in “The Big Three”

No, no, no! This is not a reference to getting a job in the automotive industry but rather choosing an interesting and rewarding career in the travel, tourism, or hospitality industries. Travel and tourism remain the number one industry in the world when linking them together, although many people do travel for business purposes or […]